The horror, the terror!
It will be the end of the world;
Volcanoes will erupt and gush fire to
char me like an inexperienced barbecuer;
Earth will quake and crack under me to
gobble me whole like a pelican;
Tsunamis will drown and choke me to
stealing my breath like a murderous thief!

Just let hell loose—
Nothing can save me now!
This humiliation, this shame!
I could just die!
I will just die!

What a horrendous fate must I have
So very terrible, too terrible!
Atrocious, awful, dreadful!
I have been disgraced!
Debased, defiled!
I must flee and hide myself away
like a Victorian lady with child out of wedlock.

Never again will I feel the warmth of the sun!

Never again will I hear the laughter of innocents!

My life is over!

A bird defecated on me.