She sits by the living room window with her baby in her arms, staring out into the night road. Cars pass to and fro but none of them is the car she is waiting for. The ceiling light begins to flicker, like it always does. The bulb needs to be changed but that’s not her concern. A light pulls up into the drive way. She stands up with a smile on her face.
          Her husband exits his car. She waits by the door and when he opens it, she welcomes him home. He passes her without saying anything. She trails after him, asking him how his day was but again he doesn’t say anything to her. She continues talking to him and he continues making his way to the bedroom, taking off his work clothes along the way.

          She watches as he throws himself face down on the bed. He’s been doing that for three months now. Before, they would eat dinner together and he would hum their baby to sleep.
          She sits down beside him, her body not causing the bed to shift at all. She lays their baby down in between them before laying down herself. She stares at her husband face. There are more lines than she remembered. She reaches out to touch him but her hand passes through his face.
          She sighs and pulls back her hand. She pulls her baby back towards her. It has been three months now since she and her baby died, three months since she’s been watching her husband live on. She moves closer to her husband and hears her name pass through his lips.
          Her head jerks up only to find his eyes closed. She smiles but the tears falls down her eyes. She begins to cry again as she has been since she realized she was dead. Her baby twitches and begins to cry as well. Her husband remains unaffected.

          His morning routine hasn’t changed: a shower, a shave, a teeth brushing. She floats behind him as he makes his way to the kitchen to get breakfast. He turns on the TV and the morning news fills the room with its talk of traffic accidents and rainy weather.
          He makes his coffee adding in a spoon a sugar. She smiles. His spoonful of sugar in the morning is a secret only she knows. He finishes his drink and puts on his shoes before tying on his tie. He leaves the TV on. She stares out the window as he pulls out of the driveway and into the road. She waves at him even knowing he wouldn’t wave back.
          Her baby cries from the bedroom and she makes her way there, trying to keep her feet on the ground instead of floating. It’s been harder to do that lately, to not float. Her baby is floating above the bed when she enters. She takes her child in her arms, swaying it back and forth until the cries stop.
          She returns to the living room and waits, her eyes staring out the window. Day turns into night and her husband returns. It was later than his usual time but she waits for him by the door again and again she welcomes him back home. She floats after him to their room and watches again as he throws himself on the bed.
          Once again, she places their baby besides him before lying down. She stares at the face of the man who once made her heart skip a beat. She curls up her body as it begins to float slightly off the bed. How much longer would they stay this way?

          Her baby is gone. She had watched it dissolve into particles and scatter away by the winds of the air conditioner while her husband was sleeping. She had wondered if he felt them.
          He takes his coffee with his spoonful of sugar and turns on the TV. She sits on the sofa, watching him sip his drink. The circles under his eyes are darker than yesterday’s. He finishes his drink and begins putting on his shoes. She floats over above him, staring down at the back of head. There are more gray hairs than she remembers. He stands up and puts on his tie.
          As he leaves her again she calls out his name. He shuts the door and she stares at the doorknob.
          She is alone.